Interested in digital technology, design and web development. Pursuing work as a full stack web developer. An adherent of the free and open source ethos & community. Always excited to learn something new.

Here is a sampling of some of the varied projects I have worked on independently or under a larger organization.

Created child Wordpress theme. Provided photography and photo editing.

Used as a portfolio website for Chef Matt Rust.

Upgraded Magento E-Commerce website and created custom theme to match company's branding.

Animations made using HTML5, Javascript, JQuery & FabricJS.

Website built using HTML5, CSS & JQuery. Progressively enhanced.

Used as a portfolio website to display artist Justin Samson's current work & past work.

Website built using HTML, CSS, & Javascript.

Serves as a photography portfolio website.

Recent graphic design work.

Product photography.

Photographer & blogger for art immersion program in Provence, France.



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